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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
  Kim has come and gone, and it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. The Row was dead, Kim kept accusing me the first night of turning into a snob, and she was so obsessed with seeing someone famous. The first night we wandered up and down the Row, but there was an invite or something, so it was empty. One house had a couple guys out and they invited us in for a beer, and we ended up staying there the whole night. It was pretty fun, and we met really nice guys. Kim bugs the hell out of me when she's drunk though, so that part wasn't fun. The next night, my bday, we went to a house party that Alex (a guy we met the night before who was enamored of Kim told us about it). It was pretty cool. The guys actually remembered it was my bday which was cool, and one guy who we just exchanged hi's and names with the night before remembered it was my bday cool. Well, I guess if two of my best friends can't remember, at least random guys can.

Yeah, Mel and Laura forgot. I even talked to Mel for the first time on my bday since I had left for school and she didn't rememeber. I talked to her tonight though, and she had remembered, but she didn't seem very sympathetic or sorry. Oh well. It was really nice, though, the girls on my floor that I have stopped hanging out with came in and sang happy birthday to me! I was hoping to do something with them one of the nights, but they just asked me what I was doing, and I told them, and then they said they were going to a party in Hollywood. I wonder if Kim wasn't here and I wasnt doing anything, if they would have invited me or just let me sit. Kate hung a "Happy Bday- The 3rd floor loves you" above my door though so that was cool.

I had my 2nd of 3 midterms today. I think it went pretty well. This guy and girl that I have the class with and I had a little study session last night at 11 which I think helped. It was way past my bedtime, but I had fun actually, and I felt like I had acquaintances for once. Alexis is coming over at 9:30 for help on her lab, and I'm going to ask if I can go to the game with her this weekend again. I'm hoping that maybe after a couple more games, I can get them to call me for other stuff instead of homework help. I really want to find friends to go shopping with, or just stay in a room and watch a movie in our pjs. I don't care if they're in a different dorm, I just want FRIENDS!! I'm pretty settled now, and know a lot of people, so that's a start at least. Mel and I were talking about somehow visiting. I doubt that will happen, but you never know. She said she missed me, which made me glad.  
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