My USC Years
Monday, September 29, 2003
  Today was a good day. It was the first time since college started that I actually felt like I had friends, and wasn't out of place. It was just walking back from class with this girl and guy, but we had a good convo and were laughing and stuff. Then later, to make the day even better, I was getting off the elevator, and Allison, one of the girls who never talks to me, said "hey, Erika". She initiated the meeting and said my name and kind of smiled! Usually I say hi first and she'll just "fake" smile or say hi, but she actually seemed friendly to me for once.

What puts me in an even better mood, is the fact that Kim is coming this weekend! She's coming with my dad and Gail for my b-day, and staying with me Friday and Saturday night. I'm so excited to see her, and to have a friend, and to show my "acquaintinces" here that I have cool, pretty friends too. Most of all, I can't wait to take her out to the Row those nights and PART-AAAAAY. Frat guys, free drinks, and people everywhere. I love it, and I know she will too. Where we're from, parties were hard to come by, and we had to search hard for them. Most times we would end up driving around all night calling people but never doing anything. Here, there's something to do every night (well, at least tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday nights- i havent been there monday). Kim loves guys and drinking- and there will be plenty of that. She just goes to the community college so it's not much more different than high school for her, same people, same setting. She'll go to UOP parties sometimes, but nothing like USC I'm sure! I can't wait to show my school off. The only problem is that our football team is playing at Arizona State that weekend, the biggest party school in the country, so frat guys are all going to be roadtripping. Hopefully they'll be worn out from the Weekender this past weekend and won't go. It would be so sad if the Row was empty for Kim! 
Tuesday, September 23, 2003
  I've been at USC a little over a month now. It's hard to believe. At first it was great, then alright, then awful, now it's leveling out again. The first couple days I hung out with a group of cool girls and we partied every night. Then I felt left out and uncomfortable with the girls, and I don't think some of them wanted to hang out with me. Some never talked to me. That's when it got bad. I still don't have a group of great friends, but I've met a lot of people, and hopefully I'll meet my future bridesmaids sometime soon! I hope so... 
Good Times, Bad Times, and All Those in Between @ USC

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